Voice Broadcasting Services

Grow Revenue and Improve Customer Service with Interactive Voice Broadcasting.

Voice broadcasts are a way to deliver pre-recorded phone messages or interactive IVRs to thousands of people at once. They can be a powerful business tool to automate phone calls for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotions, reorders, accounts receivable collection, phone surveys, and much more.

With Blue House marketing’s voice broadcasting and voice blast campaign, it is easy for marketing and sales and it’s simple to speak to your audience. You can dial more than 1000 numbers and send voicemail greetings, record a personalized message, upload a list of phone numbers and send out thousands of calls in a matter of minutes. It has never been easier to boost response rates to a direct mailing, send customer reminders, send voicemail greetings or invite people to upcoming events. These are just some of the ways in which Blue House marketing voice broadcast service can build your customer base, increase sales and improve your bottom line. Blue House Marketing has set up voice broadcasting services and voice blast campaigns for a variety of different business verticals

Some examples of our voice broadcasting services include:

  • Automated subscription renewals
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Disaster notifications and recovery
  • Appointment reminders, fraud alerts
  • Announce new products & promotions

And these are just some of the possible applications of our flexible and reliable voice broadcasting application. With Blue House marketing’s voice broadcasting services, there’s no hardware or software to buy. Everything is done through our website! All you need is internet access and a phone and you’re ready to launch your personalized voice broadcast!

In addition, you’ll not only receive the support of a dedicated Blue House marketing representative, but also our assistance with your voice marketing efforts. We’ll help identify where voice broadcasting services and voice blast campaign would best serve your organization and how to best speak to your audience. Contact us now for more information

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