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Lead generation services are what drives business on the web in today’s society. If you do business with other businesses and industry professionals, then you owe it to your own business to ensure you’re doing everything possible to create as many viable leads with other companies as you can. Blue house marketing specializes in online lead generation service designed to not only supply you with business leads, but to empower you with the most trustworthy and up-to-date knowledge and techniques for creating qualified leads.

We does not just give clients a list of prospects to run with. Instead, we are a full service business agency that sources and qualifies quality leads, while creating appointments for your company. Blue House marketing’s focus is on strong databases that are direct-to-consumer so no time is wasted and many opportunities are created.


Blue House Lead Generation Services include:


  • Researching prospects and competitors
  • Prospect qualifying and appointment setting
  • CRM creation, implementation and management together with sales team management and reporting
  • Web lead management
  • Telemarketing lead generation, lead list and data
  • call centre data
  • call centre marketing lists

Targeted marketing and audience segmentation require a set of skills that an effective sales person is useless without, since it teaches them how to approach certain industries (and certain people) while being able to identify why your product or service is necessary to them. We understand what your potential customers need before we try to sell it to them.

We Take Your Business to the Top

What’s unique about our lead creation services is that we Fast track results and we don’t focus solely on standard advertising and marketing methods, such as SEO and PPC. We strive to use as many methods and strategies as possible as determined by your ultimate goals and specific business. Simply let us know:

  • What your message is
  • Your intended audience
  • What results you’re looking for

After that, we’ll take care of everything else.

We won’t leave you floundering once those leads start pouring in. Our lead generation professionals will remain with you to help properly manage your hard-won leads. You can rest easy knowing your company’s website has been fully optimized and designed to turn those leads and visitors into clients and customers. We don’t believe in half measures, and we don’t believe you should have to settle for them.

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