Digital Marketing

Blue House Marketing is a professional digital marketing agency that has gained its success through value-driven results to their clients. With a "Full Stack" of tools in our arsenal we understand what it takes to drive fresh leads for any business vertical. We understand how to build a lead generation machine for your business. Years of experience in the industry has brought about massive change in the lead generation industry, but our firm has remained at the top for a reason. Let us educate your marketing team and supercharge your marketing with fresh leads.

Services We Offer

  • Pay Per Click Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Pay Per Click Management Our company has been using Google Adwords and other ppc platforms for over 10 years. We have seen them evolve over the years, and so have we. With a growing knowledge of the industry we have been able to use ppc platforms as lead generation machines. From custom keyword campaigns, targeted search terms, all the way down to landing page optimization Blue House has you covered.

Social Media Marketing Blue House Marketing uses state of the art technologies to generate social media campaigns that deliver. With syndication software, scheduled social blasts, and optimized content distribution we understand what truly drives successful social media campaigns. We keep up to date on all of the most relevant networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and know how to exercise each platform in different ways.

Affiliate Marketing Having spent so many years in the industry we have acquired a vast network of affiliate contacts. We work closely with many of them on a daily basis to generate fresh leads and business. Our team has tackled many different verticals and has been successful in creating a working lead generation process each time.

Every tool and piece of technology that goes into a company’s digital marketing efforts should be working toward a specific goal. Start by making lists of all digital marketing goals, both long- and short-term.

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