B2C Email Lists

Blue House Marketing has been operating as a b2c email lists brokerage since the early 90s. With years of experience working in the industry we have created an in house process for collecting data and keeping it up to date. We have millions of consumer contacts with full record of name, email, phone, postal, zip, and much more.

Marketing and sales people have been using our data for many years to make a splash in their outbound marketing. Whether it be an email blast, postal mailing, sales dialer, or simple phone call our data will get you in contact with real people who are interested in your products or services. Our b2c marketing data works great for business to business services and marketing campaigns.

With new data getting loaded and scrubbed into our b2c marketing data pool monthly we have been able to acquire millions upon millions of valid records. Consumers can be acquired by location, interest, or many other targeted interests. Our targeted database arsenal can get you in contact with the people who meet the criteria of your desired audience.


People Who Leverage Our Data

  • Sales People
  • Business Owners
  • Car Dealerships
  • CIOs
  • Directors

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