Click to Call Marketing


Click to call is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks an object (e.g., button, image or text) to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time. it is the easiest way for new or returning customers to get in touch with your business from your website, blog, newsletter, video, banner ads and more. All the visitor has to do is click and enter their phone number to be connected to your company representative. Click to Call is quick, easy and effective. Click to call helps:

  • Increase conversion rates by 25% or more by offering visitors live assistance as they browse your site
  • Improve customer satisfaction by addressing your customer’s needs immediately and reduce website abandonment by 25%
  • 88% of visitors are more likely to contact a company that provides Click-to-Call
  • Increase sales and upselling opportunities when agents can provide tailored and educated solutions

In other words, its purpose is to cut through the clutter and resonate with the recipient to follow up on an important call to action.

That’s where Blue House Marketing comes in.

Click to call marketing has become a popular lead channel in recent years. Blue House Marketing provides top of the line click to call services. We typically utilizes click to call emails to launch direct marketing campaigns that combine outbound and inbound sales components. The targeted emails result in high deliverability rates to consumer inboxes with a specific call to action to drive inbound calls and emails which, when combined with outbound telesales, results in significantly higher total sales from campaigns.

Blue House Marketing can also developed click-to-call mobile-ready inbound option that integrate with any campaign we develop for your organization. Blue House Marketing consider mobile users when creating campaigns to support this immediacy action. The results are remarkable and allow the marketing efforts to reach the entire database, and promote reengagement and retention of even long lost customers.


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